Remote-labs made easy

Manage remote access to campus workstations.

Enable secure, fast, and efficient remote access for your students to your workstations, 24/7, from anywhere.

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The Challenge

Learning from Home: The Preferred (or Sole) Option for Many of Us

In the ever-changing educational landscape, institutions worldwide have shifted from traditional classrooms to virtual environments. This has led to the underutilization of investments in workstations and software licenses as students are no longer required to be physically present on campus.

Today, educational institutions must cater to both traditional and virtual learning. Each demands separate infrastructures, dividing resources between remote cloud-based setups and on-site devices.

Imagine optimizing your current infrastructure to efficiently serve both in-person and virtual students.

Implement remote labs with AnyClassroom.

The Solution

Make your on-site devices accessible to all your students, whether they are in-person or virtual.

AnyClassroom empowers students to remotely access and utilize university computer resources, enhancing learning flexibility and efficiency.

24/7 Accessibility

Offering round-the-clock availability, AnyClassroom empowers students to connect and learn whenever it suits them.


AnyClassroom will enable only the right student to access at the right time.


Just book a device or a complete lab, as easily as reserving a meeting room in your calendar app

Cost effective

No new servers or network equipment are required. You're ready to go in minutes.


Supercharge Your Booking App

If you already have a booking app, take it to the next level. Manage your own rules, appearance, and user experience, all while enabling high-quality remote access for your students. It's incredibly easy:

  • Create your bookings.
  • Send a request with your booking details to the API.
  • Receive a response with the new access, valid until the end of the booking.
  • Provide the access to the student.
  • Once the class ends, AnyClassroom will automatically close the connection.

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